Montana Spey - Spey Casting Instruction

If you're looking to learn every one of the 40+ spey cast variations and adaptions past the bread and butter Single and Double spey, Snap-T and Snake Roll, you're in the wrong class.   These are the casts you will learn with me from the ground up. With these four casts in your arsenal you will be able to affectively cover water fishing river right or river left, upstream wind or down, floating line swing or nymph, and medium to heavy sink tip swing.

We will also spend some time talking about navigating through the maze of rod weights, lengths and actions, as well as spey line options and lingo to match the right line to the right rod for the type of fishing you will be doing.

Each class is 3 hours of on the water demonstrating, then casting, and then working with you on each cast, one on one. Maximum of six casters per class.

  • Waders and wading shoes - this is a wade to your thigh affair
  • Your rod, reel and line (s) if you have a set up
  • Casting instruments of various makes and models to use and try
  • Assessment of your equipment - the right line for the rod = happy caster
Classes start 9AM to Noon & 1PM to 4PM
Be there at 8:30AM or 12:30PM to get geared up

Missoula - Meet at the bronze grizzly in front of the Old Milwaukee Depot/Boone and Crockett Club building, next to the Higgins Street Bridge, downtown.

Bitterroot - Meet at the Florence Bridge boat ramp off the Eastside Hwy., east out of Florence.

Classes are held June through September. Class sizes are small with either one on one instruction or two on one instruction. Payment for your class can be made the day of your scheduled class - we accept cash or check. To arrange a class date, contact Keith Balfourd at (406)370-1758 or email .
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